What is the American Barter Exchange?

It is a service organization for business and professional persons trading goods or services among themselves in a structured mutually beneficial system.

What are my advantages as a member?

First your business volume increases as you trade with new people. Members needing your services or products are directed to you. Also you hold onto your cash.

Just how does the system work?

Members needing your good and services are directed to you by ABE. When you are the selling trader in a transaction you are credited with trading units which, in turn, can be used to obtain goods and services you need from other members.

Who sets the price I charge?

Member is obligated to charge his prevailing price or fee as if it were a cash transaction.

Is there a profit or "mark up" when I barter through ABE?

When you are the selling barterer you trade your goods or services at the same mark up as in your cash transaction. You simply get paid in A.B.E. trade credits.

Will bartering decrease my cash business?

No. Barter is an added dimension to your business. Barter customers would generally not come to you at all. If you do the right thing, your new customer will ordinarily recommend you to his relatives and friend who are not in the exchange. This world of mouth advertising should actually increase your cash business.

Is A.B.E membership expensive?

The new member pays a one-time fee. Annual dues and a service fee paid by the buying trader on each transaction make up the other costs. Your new business and increased cash flow will easily cover these costs.